Aircon Service Wangsa Maju

Normal Servicing

With AC systems operating for long hours, dust and dirt clog key part of the system. The condenser coil and filters are the most common affected parts. This build-up directly affects the overall performance of your unit.

Preventive maintenance is needed to take it back to an efficient state. You do that by a scheduled inspection by professional technician. They need to be a licensed expert to make sure that you find problematic parts and clean the key parts from clogging.

In a normal inspection, important parts like the drainage system, temperature and pressure operation, condenser, compressor motor, fan, and all connecting pipes are being checked. They identify what needs to be cleaned to improve its performance.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical washing is a thorough cleaning process where the technician dismantles the whole unit to clean every part of the AC using chemical reagents. The process will start with the condenser, coils, and the air filter/s.

A chemical solution will be mixed up in a container where the parts will be placed for a few minutes to get rid of the hard to remove particles that have accumulated inside the pipes. The entire drainage system including the pipes will receive a chemical flush as well.

Aircon Overhaul

Inspection might lead to a full overhaul if a technician finds key parts that need replacement. You keep the unit running on parts in great condition. This prevents early deterioration and damage because of faulty parts.

This can be very expensive though because technicians might find components that need replacement and they sell at a high price in the market. Find a repair man that can tell you it’s worth the investment or not. If it’s worth it, you get to extend the AC’s service life. If it’s not, then, it’s time to buy a new unit.

We provide air conditioning chemical service that Include full components cleaning, dismantle, Iubrication, and reinstallation at competitive rate in Wangsa Maju. We have the speed and experience technican in retail aircond installation to advise you on the most value-for-money choice for your home or retail aircond installation.

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