Aircon Service KL Sentral

Air conditioning is an important part of our life. We need cool and refreshed air to ensure the comfort for our body all day long. So make sure that your air conditioners are maintained regularly. Or the currently occurring problem is fixed promptly.

Here are the reasons you need to service your air con today:

  • Boost Indoor Air Quality – Want fresh air circulating throughout your home or office? Opt for regular aircon maintenance, which ensures clean air filters. This means that the air you breathe is being properly filtered of dust, pollen and pollutants. It also prevents trash particles from damaging your air conditioning unit.
  • Avoid Costly Replacements – Not getting your air conditioner serviced can lead to premature breakdowns, which are expensive to fix. Simply get your maintenance done regularly to save yourself the cost of buying a new aircon. This can help your unit last as much as 10 years longer – which means extra savings!
  • Prevent Permanent Damage – Preventive maintenance reduces the need for repairs in the future. This is particularly important in a place like Singapore, where air conditioners are constantly used at all times. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind – as faulty spare parts can be quickly replaced before they damage the whole unit. 
  • Protect the Environment – An air conditioner that leaks refrigerant releases HFCs, or man-made greenhouse gases – that promote global warming. A technician can help capture and recycle such gases from your aircon unit. However, if you don’t opt for regular servicing, you’ll never know if your unit is leaking harmful gases into the environment or not.
  • Longer System Lifespan – Just like your car, your aircon needs servicing to help it function to its fullest potential. What’s the point of getting an expensive air conditioner if you can’t enjoy all the benefits that it comes with? A service technician will examine all parts carefully and clean or replace them if required. This will not just increase the unit’s lifespan but also ensure high performance.

Our professional service applies the latest UK technology & high quality chemical to clean your air-conditioning. This is able to ensure the condition of your air-conditioner is being taken care of. If you are looking for someone, we are your right choice! Contact us 017-881 4971.